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At Saracen House Studio, we're proud to work with renowned photographer and trainer, Andrew Appleton to provide first class photography training in Milton Keynes.  Our range of workshops, tuition and photography days offer knowledge on a wide range of topics.

Dancing in the Dark Photography Workshop

Nighttime in the city offers fabulous opportunities to get creative - add in a contemporary dancer and the possibilities are multiplied. if you know how to make the most of this combination, you cannot fail to come away with some truly captivating images. And that’s what you will learn to do on this 3-hour course - the what, why and how of shooting dance on location after the sun goes down. As photographers, our eyes are trained to seek out interesting backdrops, turning mundane into magic, simply by the skilful use of light, movement and composition. So, that’s what we do throughout the evening. Transform each everyday urban setting into a stage upon which our dancer performs. And if it rains, embrace the reflections! In one evening, this hands-on workshop equips you with all you need to know to take great pictures of a dancer at night. The evening falls into two sections.


We meet up while there’s still light in the sky and briefly discuss the content of the shoot. Balancing ambient light with artificial light is key to achieving dramatic results. Our first location, down by the water’s edge on Willen Lake, is chosen specifically to help you to nail this technique. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the gear; we bring triggers, speed lights etc. so, with a maximum of 8 photographers on the course, you get time to practise the skills required. You go home with useful reference shots and some cool images too.

…and Down Town

By the time we’re ready for our next location, the sun has dropped. Now we’ll be shooting at high ISO and cracking out the wide aperture lenses. What we’re on the lookout for is interesting backgrounds and city lights. They’re not hard to find. Shop windows, underpasses, office blocks, multi-storey car parks, passing traffic and more - the urban environment after dark is ablaze with opportunities to fire the imagination. This is where we capture the poetry of our dancer in motion by slowing down the shutter speed to introduce controlled blur. You will also experiment with a number of fundamental principles: distance between the ambient light and your subject; camera angle and distance from your subject; framing and composition. By the time we wrap, we guarantee you will literally have seen the light.

Dancing in the Dark
Course Information

Location:  Milton Keynes
Friday 13th September
Time:  7.00pm to 10.00pm
Knowledge Level:  Basic
Location:  Milton Keynes


You will need your camera, for the first part a 24-70mm or equivalent lens is perfect. For the low light work we suggest prime lenses the have an aperture of f/1.8 or less. A 'nifty 50' is ideal. You will not need to bring a tripod or lights. 

Make sure you bring appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor shooting, irrespective of weather conditions

If you wish, bring your own refreshments as we will be shooting on location


£99 per person


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