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Steve Thewis Digi-Steve Photoshop On Speed Workshop at Saracen House Studio Milton Keynes

The Workshop

Local professional photographer and retoucher Steve Thewis  is once again bringing his expertise to Saracen House Studio for a hands-on workshop, covering shooting and lighting through to the fastest retouch to give you maximum results in minimum time!

This is a whole day of lighting, shooting and retouching images - you're working with professional model and singer Rheo and we'll show you three distinct studio lighting set-ups through the day, which you'll be retouching under the guidance of expert retoucher Steve Thewis.  

DigiSteve Rheo Saracen House Studio Photoshop on Speed Editing Workshop at Saracen House Studio Milton Keynes

Imagine being able to get from straight out of camera images to finished edits like these in just five minutes.  Yes, we did say just five minutes!

That's what Steve will be teaching you on this whole day workshop.. our goal is to give you a powerful set of skills and tools that will dramatically increase the speed and quality of all your images, both in and out of the studio.

Steve has developed this series which has been tried and tested on photographers of many skill levels and each are saying how effectively this programme works on their images.  You too can go from RAW to finished edit in just minutes, like this!

DigiSteve Rheo Saracen House Studio Photoshop on Speed Editing Workshop at Saracen House Studio Milton Keynes

Your day will kick off with tea & coffee, followed by your first shoot with Rheo.  After you've got your images, Steve will give you an introduction to the tools in Photoshop we'll be using during the day, including:

  • Camera Raw
  • Skin retouch
  • Compositing
  • Colour grading
  • Luminosity Masks
  • Adobe libraries

Then you'll be editing your own images from the first look before a light buffet lunch and on to the second look in the studio before getting back in front of your laptops to edit that shot.

A third and final look follows, again plenty of time to edit using your new skills at the end of the day.  Steve will be giving hands on feedback and guidance to every student throughout the day - our goal is making sure you know how to edit your own shots at home using this brilliant programme.

Additionally, Steve is providing copious course notes and you are welcome to use the images you take of Rheo during the day for your own Portfolio Use too.

Photoshop on Speed
Shoot & Retouch Workshop

Date: Saturday 14th December 2019
Time: 10am to 5pm
Location: Saracen House Studio, Milton Keynes
Knowledge Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

Model:  Rheo
Trainer:  Steve Thewis

SLR Camera with lens, memory card
PC/Mac laptop with Adobe Photoshop CC
Pen & Notepad
Graphics Tablet (if you have one)
Wacom Intuos Pro tablets available

Notes and practice images are provided.
Refreshments provided throughout the day, buffet lunch also included

Price:   £199 per person


Images taken on workshops are intended for training use only. Whilst you may use images taken as part of your portfolio, you should make note that such images have been taken, under instruction, on a workshop.

No commercial use of images is possible.

Images used on this page have been provided by the model and/or photographer and are copyright their respective owners.

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