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Studio Wow!  Creative Photography Workshop with Andrew Appleton at Saracen House Studio in Milton Keynes


At Saracen House Studio, we're proud to work with renowned photographer and trainer, Andrew Appleton to provide first class photography training in Milton Keynes.  Our range of workshops, tuition and photography days offer knowledge on a wide range of topics.

Studio Wow!  Workshop at Saracen House Studio Milton Keynes Appleton Photo Training
Studio Wow!  Workshop at Saracen House Studio Milton Keynes Appleton Photo Training
Studio Wow!  Workshop at Saracen House Studio Milton Keynes Appleton Photo Training

Studio Wow!

After the success of our first Studio WOW! workshop, it's back on Sunday May 3rd at Saracen House. 

You see a stunning studio shot and do a double-take. Why? What is it that got you so excited? If you cast your mind back, you’ll find that it was a number of elements combining to create that perfect storm of an image. You can learn how to do just that - and take some head-turning pictures of your own on the day. Our Studio Wow! hands-on workshop gets you involved in the process of creating and shooting a model in three amazing styles.

The Melting Pot of Creativity

At last! The one-day course that draws everything together and stirs it up.

Great subject. Innovative styling. Creative lighting.

One experienced model, one professional MUA/stylist and one award-winning trainer with a wealth of experience in lighting and camera technique. Three differently styled sets are explored, explained and revealed to you by experts in their field. All this in a state-of-the-art studio environment.

Your MUA/Stylist for the day will talk to you about where she draws inspiration from and how she works with the model to bring ideas to life. It’s not always just about hair and make-up. What will the model be wearing? Will there be props/accessories to source or make? What is the relationship between the model and the setting/backdrop? The model’s part in all this is critical too; she has the job of interpreting the concept through her range of expressions, poses and attitudes; she will explain how she sees her role in the creative process. You will take away with you all the tips you need to choose a creative team of your own, people you can work with and who can spark your imagination

Studio Wow!  Workshop at Saracen House Studio Milton Keynes Appleton Photo Training

The Magic of Light

Remember. In the studio, you are the Light Master! Andrew, your trainer, doesn’t stint when it comes to showing you everything he knows about manipulating this beautiful and versatile resource. For each set, he explains the principles, the techniques and the practicalities of setting up the lighting and how it can create and change the mood of a shot. You are invited to get involved in the set-up process, as well as having plenty of time directing and shooting the model for yourself.

You will learn a range of creative lighting patterns. By the end of the day you will know:

  • how to work with a variety of different studio lighting modifiers
  • how to mix speed lights, studio flash and LED lights together
  • how to project patterns
  • how to mix blur with frozen action
  • How to master the art of multiple exposure
  • How to use gels
  • And the permutations are almost endless.

The Finishing Touches

Between sets, Andrew will show you how he retouches an image to add the final Wow! factor. He will focus on skin, eyes and hair, offering post production tips and tricks that you can use on your own images.

To be honest, we are asking ourselves why we haven’t we run this course before. Because it’s going to be pretty exciting.

Studio Wow!

Course Information

Location: Saracen House Studio
Sunday 3rd May 2020
Time:  10am to 5pm
Lunch:  Provided (please advise of dietary requirements)
Knowledge Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

A light buffet lunch
Tea & coffee
Classroom tuition from an award-winning trainer
Hands-on practical shoot time to practice and embed your learning
A professional model
Comprehensive course notes


You will need a camera with interchangeable lenses that has standard hot shoe and can shoot in RAW file format. If you have an early Sony or Minolta DSLR please advise us in advance in order for us to provide a hot shoe adaptor.

We suggest bringing lenses that cover the following focal lengths, don't worry if you don't have these as you can complete the course with a standard kit lens.

Full Frame Sensors. 24mm - 200mm
APSC 1.5 Crop 18mm - 150mm
MFT 2x Crop 14mm - 100mm
Memory Card
Pen and Notepad

Price:  £199.00

Discounts available for members of Guild of Photographers & SWPP
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Images taken on workshops are intended for training use only. Whilst you may use images taken as part of your portfolio, you should make note that such images have been taken, under instruction, on a workshop.

No commercial use of images is possible.

Images used on this page have been provided by the model and/or photographer and are copyright their respective owners.

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