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Equipment Included in Studio Hire

We're proud to be a Broncolor Studio! With a full inventory of Bron Siros S & L heads, if flexibility, reliability and consistency is important to your shoot, you won't find a better selection of lighting equipment anywhere else.

Aside from these fantastic monoblock heads, we've also kitted the studio with a huge range of lighting modifiers including the legendary Bron Para 88, silver and white beauty dishes, a spot light, the Flooter Fresnel lens, Broncolor strip boxes and much more.

Here's a summary of the equipment available at Saracen House Studio, all of which is included in the price of your studio hire. We're always adding new things to our inventory, so keep checking back for regular updates or drop us a line  with any specific questions you have about our facilities.

We're also happy to give you an introduction on how to use our equipment as part of your studio hire rates which start from just £22 per hour - all part of the service!

Broncolor Siros Lighting System at Saracen House Studio


  • Six Broncolor Siros 400S Flash Heads
  • Two Broncolor Siros 800S Flash Heads
  • Two Broncolor Siros 800 L Battery Powered Flash Heads
  • Three Broncolor RFS 2.1 Tranceivers
  • Two Broncolor RFS 2.2 High Speed Transceivers (Canon & Nikon Fit)
  • Two Lencarta Safari Battery Packs
  • Lencarta Safari Ring Flash
  • Lecarta Safari Flash Head
  • Pocket Wizard TT1 & TT5 Programmable Flash Trigger for Canon
  • Sekonic L308s Digital Flash Meter
  • Gossen DigiSky Radio Flash Meter with Broncolor Control
Broncolor Softboxes, Stripboxes and Umbrellas at Saracen House Studio


  • Two LS C-700RSV 20in Circular LED Panels (3200-5600k)
  • Two Westcott Ice Lights (battery powered light stick) (5500k)
  • Two Neewer 480 9in LED Panels (3200-5600k)
  • Two LimeLite 12in LED Panels (5600k)
  • Three Limelite Pixel Spot Lamps (Tungsten)
  • Two PixaPro 18in LED Ring Lights (5600k)
  • Three PixaPro Litebank 455 Florescent Lights (equivalent to 1kw per lamp) (5500k) 
  • Two Arri 650w Jnr Fresnel Continuous Lighting Heads (Tungsten)
  • Arri 300w Jnr Fresnel Continuous Lighting Heads (Tungsten)
  • Phillips Strand Lighting Dimmer
  • Transcend Dual Lighting Dimmer
Broncolor Light Shapers at Saracen House Studio, Flooter, Spot Attachment, Beauty Dish


  • Broncolor Octa 150cm Softbox with Grid
  • Broncolor Octa 75cm Softbox with Grid
  • Broncolor 100x100cm Softbox
  • Broncolor 90x120cm Softbox with Grid & Edge Mask
  • Three Broncolor 30x120cm Strip Softboxes with Grids
  • Three Broncolor 60x60cm Softboxes
  • Broncolor 35x60cm Softbox
  • Broncolor 65cm Beauty Box with Grid
  • Two Broncolor 85cm White Umbrellas
  • Two Broncolor 85cm Silver Umbrella
  • Two Calumet Silver/White 40" Umbrellas
  • Two Calumet Silver/White 5ft Umbrellas
  • Four Godox Silver Umbrellas
Accessories and Special Effects Equipment at Saracen House Studio


  • Broncolor Para88 Indirect Parabolic Focusing Reflector
  • Two Broncolor P-Soft Beauty Dishes
  • Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector with Grid & Diffuser
  • Four Broncolor P70 Standard Reflectors
  • Two Sets Broncolor Grids for P70
  • Two Sets Barndoors for P70
  • Broncolor P45 Narrow Reflector
  • Set of Grids for P45
  • Two Broncolor Background Scoop Reflectors
  • Two Broncolor Conical Snoots
  • Broncolor Flooter Fresnel Attachment with Clip-On Barn Doors & Grid
  • Broncolor Spot Light Attachment with Gobos
  • Broncolor Balloon 360 Degree
  • Calumet 27 inch Beauty Dish with Grid


  • Five Broncolor Senior AC Stands
  • Ten Manfrotto/Bowens Light Stands
  • Four Calumet Extendable Floor Stands
  • Three Kupo C-Stands
  • Kupo C-Stand Boom Arm
  • Kupo C-Stand Dolly
  • Calumet Redwing Lighting Boom
  • Three Manfrotto Dollies
  • Product Photography Table
  • Manfrotto Autopoles
  • Manfrotto Tripod & Copy Arm
  • Lastolite Highlite (7' x 6') 


  • Manfrotto Skylite Medium Scrim/Reflector/Difusser Panel
  • Lastolite Tri-Flector (Silver/White)
  • Lastolite TriGrip Large 120cm Reflector (Gold/Silver)
  • Lastolite 30 inch Circular Reflector (White/Sunfire)
  • Lastolite 30 inch Circular Reflector (Gold/Silver)
  • Calumet Heavy Duty Telescopic Reflector Holder
  • Handheld Reflector (Gold/Silver)
  • 5ft 5-in-1 Reflector (Gold/Silver/Sunfire/White/Black)


  • Two Packs of Lee Filters Saturates Gels
  • Two Packs of Lee Filters Tints Gels
  • Chris James Vivid Gel Pack
  • Chris James Cool/Warm Gel Set
  • Lovegrove Collection Gel Set
  • Bowens Gel Collection
  • Various Rosco M-Size Gobos
  • Rosco Black Cinefoil
  • Atmosphere Spray Haze Effect (charge applies)
  • Bubble Machine
  • American DJ Fog Machine & Fog Juice


  • Lastolite Baby Poser
  • Lastolite Posing Tubs Set
  • LuxS Triple Gloss White Posing Blocks
  • Lastolite Studio Cubelite Product Photography Tent/Table
  • Product Photography Table
  • Bowens Jetstream 200 Wind Machine
  • Calumet TriStar 500 Turbo Wind Tunnel Machine

We also have a wide range of Colorama Background paper rolls as well as other backgrounds, fabrics and props - again all included in your studio hire rates.  

Visit our Backgrounds, Sets & Props page to find out more!